Thursday, November 29, 2012

Russian youth hockey brawls land over two dozen players in penalty boxes at one time

It may not be the NHL but, if the the lockout continues, this Russian youth hockey league game might be the next best thing.  At least this video might turn your hockey frown into a toothless smile.

It's like season's worth of fight highlights in one game — all set to a Russian soundtrack.

The referees seemed to lose control of the game and let the little Ruskies continually drop their gloves and brawl all over the ice.  At one time there was over a dozen of the little pellets crammed into each penalty box and only a couple of players left to skate in the game.

Not only can these youngsters skate, they can throw down like the Hansonov Brothers.

The KHL looks like it might get a little meaner in the future.

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