Thursday, November 1, 2012

Steelers will fly into Newark on same day as Giants game due to Sandy

Hurricane Sandy will be affecting the Pittsburgh Steelers' travel schedule to MetLife Stadium for Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

The team will leave Pittsburgh on Sunday morning — a day later than it normally would — for the 4:25 p.m. start time and return to Pittsburgh right after the game Sunday night.  The team was booked to stay at the Westin Hotel in Jersey City Saturday night but the hotel is still without power due to the storm — and they can't find any rooms in the area to accomodate the team.

It's basically a 400-mile work commute for the Steelers who will be bussed to the stadium after breakfast, then fly another 400 miles back to Pittsburgh after the game ends.

New Jersey residents affected by Sandy have been grabbing any extra hotel rooms they can find and combined with the New York Marathon bringing an extra 50,000 visitors to the area, it's no surprise the Steelers couldn't find any other accommodations.

The Giants had logistical problems of their own this week due to the storm and didn't have a chance to practice until late Wednesday afternoon.  Some players without power in their New Jersey homes have been bunking at teammates' houses for the duration of the blackouts.

Whether or not the Steelers short road trip disrupts the visiting players pre-game routines and sleep patterns seems likely.  How it affects the Steelers on the field Sunday against the defending champs will remain to to be seen.

The Giants were 3-1/2 point favorites.  I wonder if the spread will change?


  1. I don't understand why the NFL didn't look into playing in Pittsburgh. I mean we got hit with the storm, but we were ready for much worse in the area.

  2. They can't just give up a home game for the Giants - each team needs 8. Scheduling around these disasters will always be a tough subject. cheap sports tickets. I don't think they made the right decision this time around.