Monday, November 5, 2012

Former UFC star Anthony Johnson flattens opponent after eye gouge

Former UFC welterweight contender Anthony Johnson knows what it's like to keep your eye on the prize because sometimes that's all you have left — literally.

Johnson (14-4), a longtime UFC veteran,  knocked out opponent D.J. Linderman (13-4) with a vicious right punch — after telling the referee that he was poked in the eye — Saturday night at the inaugural MMA World Series of Fighting show.

The back-pedaling Johnson looked back at ref Herb Dean after the jab to his eye in the first round.  Dean didn't see any poke and Johnson was left to fend off Linderman while blinking with one eye.  No matter.  All it took was single right hand to Linderman's chin to send the fighter face first to the canvas.

Johnson's spectacular KO proved why he is one of the most talented fighters in the world currently not in the UFC.  The fighter's repeated problems with making weight at 170 pounds caused him to be cut by the UFC in January.

Looks like moving up to the light heavyweight division could work out just fine for Johnson. This win —he's 4-0 since his release — could mean a recall to the UFC and this knockout is definitely on his highlight reel.

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