Monday, November 26, 2012

Grinnell College player follows up 138-point game by scoring 21

In his encore to his controversial NCAA record-setting 138-point game Tuesday night, Jack Taylor scored 21 points for Grinnell College in a 131-116 loss to William Penn.

Fans packed the stands Sunday night to see if the Division III guard could keep making history or his 108-shot outburst was just a one-game stunt against tiny Faith Baptist Bible College.

The 5'10" shooting guard missed his first three shots before finishing a more mortal 6-for-21 from the field in 17 minutes of play.  He made 3-of-13 attempts from outside the three-point line.

Scores of fans were thrilled by the remarkable rate of one shot taken every 20 seconds but Grinnell's coach David Arseneault has taken a lot of heat for his formula for winning and letting his guy chuck it up at the expense of the team.  Critics thought it sent the wrong message about sports.

After Sunday's 117 point drop in his boxscore, Taylor sounded happy to see his basketball life get somewhat back to normal.

"To play a team like that was definitely sobering, you know," said Taylor.  "Brought me back down to Earth and I got to keep improving my game."

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