Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nick Saban got write-in votes for president

Come November every four years, Alabama fans might care more about a national championship than the national debt. But at least one person thinks Nick Saban could probably handle both the sidelines and the Oval Office.

That loyal 'Bama supporter cast their write-in vote for Saban and Alabama men's golf coach Jay Sewell for president Tuesday and posted a picture of it on Twitter.  There are reports that this wasn't the only vote the head coach of the current No. 1 college team in the country received either.

It probably wasn't the best way or time to show your loyalty to a team or coach but isn't that what the blank space is for?

Saban's accomplishments in Tuscaloosa are well known — two national titles for the Crimson Tide in six seasons — but Sewell's credentials as a running mate are solid if not as glorified.  Sort of a quieter version of Joe Biden.

The Alabama golf coach does have a couple of SEC Golf Coach of the Year awards on his mantle and his team was runner-up for the national championship last year.

If the head coach is ever swayed by a Tide movement for his candidacy in 2016, it would be hard to imagine Saban carrying the states of Florida or Louisiana or the intense coach kissing a lot of babies.

President Saban. Imagine our national defense.

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