Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oakland A’s Brett Lawrie strikes out four times on just 12 pitches (VIDEO)

The Texas Rangers pitchers made short order of Brett Lawrie's plate appearances Tuesday night. Really short.

The Oakland A's third baseman had a night he'd probably rather forget after striking out four times on just 12 pitches. That's right — 12 pitches. Meaning four times he strolled to the plate and each time he headed back to the dugout after three straight pitches.

And it seemed only fitting that he fanned for the final out on what had to be a long night.

"One of those games," Lawrie said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. "I felt I went in there with a good approach, I just didn't attack early and they ened up getting ahead offspeed early. So just one of those days."

The embarrassing Oh-fer dropped his batting average to .125. Lawrie, a career .264 hitter, was traded to the A's in the offseason after four seasons with the Blue Jays.

The good thing? Still 160 games to go. The bad? Still 160 games to go.

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