Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kentucky's Harrison curses out Wisconsin's Kaminsky into live mic (VIDEO)

For a kid brought up in the world of social media, it seems Kentucky star Andrew Harrison still doesn't know that the whole world is always watching or, in this case, at least listening.

After his Wildcats had their perfect season derailed by Frank Kaminsky and the Wisconsin team, Harrison used a racial slur while cursing out the Badgers star into a live microphone during a postgame podium appearance.

While a teammate was being asked a question about Kaminsky's impact on the game, the dour Harrison uttered, "Fuck that nigga" into his hand — only to have it picked up by the live mic right in front of him. 

And, unfortunately for Harrison, he said it loud enough for everyone to hear.

Harrsion later apologized for the comment and said he used it in "jest."

Kentucky officials said after the game they had no comment but they would be speaking with Harrison about his postgame etiquette.

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