Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mets bullpen cart and Yankee Stadium letters up for auction

On Wednesday night, Sotheby’s will auction off some Major League Baseball memorabilia, including a couple of iconic items from both the Mets and the Yankees.

The old bullpen cart from Shea Stadium and the 13 letters that once spelled out “Yankee Stadium” on the Bronx Bombers’ home will be put on the block by the world famous auction house.

The kitschy 1967 Mets bullpen cart, with its baseball-bat door frames, glove-and-ball headlights and oversized Mets cap, is still in perfect running order and could be yours for the right price.

Imagine wowing your friends on the links with that chick magnet.

And Reggie Jackson has put the 10-foot-tall illuminated blue letters that spelled out “Y-A-N-K-E-E S-T-A-D-I-U-M” on the former Bronx ballpark up for sale. Appraisers figure they should fetch between $300,000-$600,000.

But you still won't be able to spell A-R-O-D with them.

The cherished items are part of Sotheby’s The New York Sale, which begins at 8 p.m. 

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