Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sicilian soccer match called after tunnel brawl leads to 13 ejections (VIDEO)

Italian soccer officials abandoned a game in Sicily after ejecting 13 players for brawling during the halftime tunnel walk and not leaving enough players to finish the game.

Players received lengthy bans after a lower-league game between Vittoria and Paterno descended into a wild, all-out brawl at half-time during the match — leaving two players injured.

The scene eventually calmed down and four players were tossed out for their roles but, once the second half kicked off, the bad blood returned and both teams were handed a 3-0 defeats for the game. The game was abandoned after the additional ejections left too few players to complete the match.

And the video shows what started as nothing more than a bit of shoves quickly escalates into a full-scale melee, with punches and kicks thrown.

The bans totaled 59 games for the 13 players involved.

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