Monday, April 6, 2015

Cubs fans resort to urinating in beer cups due to Wrigley Field renovations (PHOTOS)

Say what you will about Chicago Cubs fans but when they gotta go, they gotta go.

During the Cubs opening night loss to the Cardinals Sunday night, unfinished renovations at Wrigley Field caused lines to the bathrooms to get so long, some fans relieved themselves by using empty beer cups instead of waiting for a urinal.
Photos of the long lines and cups of urine surfaced on Twitter as fans voiced their frustrations at the stadium delays caused by the construction, with some saying they waited two innings to use the bathroom.

The bleachers at Wrigley are currently off-limits because of the construction and are covered in a tarp honoring the late Ernie Banks as they continue work in that area of the park. The renovations are expected to be completed by June.

Conditions that would even make a goat blush.

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