Monday, April 13, 2015

Mike Trout sparks bench-clearing discussion between Angels and Royals (VIDEO)

Tempers flared, benches cleared and things were discussed during the Angels-Royals game Sunday after Yordan Ventura confronted Mike Trout as the Los Angeles slugger slid into home plate and shouted something the Kansas City pitcher apparently didn't like.

Even with Ventura dominating the Angels 7-1 on the mound, the lanky 180-pound pitcher got things started by staring down the muscular 235-pound Trout as the slugger stood on first base.

Albert Pujols then doubled, driving in Trout — and that's when things really got testy. The pitcher confronted Trout and had to be pulled away as both benches and bullpens emptied.

After order was restored, Pujols tried to steal third and was thrown out easily. Ventura was later removed because of a muscle cramp in his thigh.

Or more likely one in his mouth.

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