Thursday, April 26, 2012

Isiah Thomas dines with Knicks coach Woodson

New York Knicks interim coach Mike Woodson was spotted having dinner with Isiah Thomas Tuesday night just hours after Glen Grunwald got promoted as the permanent executive VP/GM sources told The New York Post.

Woodson, Grunwald and Thomas were seen dining at Serafina, a popular Westchester County Italian restaurant.

Before anyone gets the idea there was more than a pot of Puttanesca being stirred up, realize the three men played together on the University of Indiana basketball team and have been friends since then.

Thomas was recently fired as head coach at Florida International and is job hunting.  He has lobbied hard with Knicks owner James Dolan to get reinstated in the organization in some capacity.

Maybe that smell was just the garlic simmering.

According to the Post, Woodson and Thomas were there with their wives and could be seen enjoying the meal and some wine.  Thomas has a home in nearby Purchase and has been residing there since getting the heave-ho in Florida.

While Woodson and Thomas go back a long time, there was speculation that Thomas might have some insight into the Miami Heat because he worked in Miami for three years at FIU— as ridiculous as that logic sounds.

"I'm not commenting on that," Woodson said of the dinner. "I'm entitled to eat with whomever I want to eat with."

The Post reported Dolan keeps a friendship with Thomas but is not inclined to hire him back in an official  capacity.  Thomas, Grunwald and Woodson met for dinner in late January before a Heat game with other Knicks staffers— but before old Thomas was canned.

After that dinner, Woodson told The Post, "You're talking about 30 years of friendships there.  Isiah had an off day from his team.  We had to go get dinner.  It was nice."

What the fans are talking about are 40 years without a championship here.

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