Friday, April 20, 2012

Red Sox legends blow world-record toast at Fenway celebration

Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez might have been two of the Boston Red Sox heroes who helped break The Curse of the Bambino, but their wacky, uncoordinated attempt to lead the fans— at the sold out 100th anniversary of Fenway Park— in breaking the record for the world's largest toast was an epic fail.

The Red Sox tried to set a new mark for most people in one spot participating in a toast but Millar and Martinez seemed to go off script, leaving a lot fans at the celebration looking around without taking a sip from their glasses.

There have been drunken wedding toasts that looked smoother.

The organization had placed cups of grapefruit juice under each seat in lieu of champagne and— as the P.A. announcer asked fans to pickup each cup or "toast with the beverage of your choice"—  the "toastmasters" took over.

"We're still making history one last time," yelled Millar.  "It's one last time to Cowboy Up!"  Martinez chimed in with a "Vamanos" while fans awkwardly stared at each other or took pictures.

Millar then yelled, "Drink!" took a chug from the bottle he was holding and said it again, "Drink! Let's Go."

What ever happened to "Please raise your glasses?"


Up until the toast, the celebration was perfect. All the way from the sunny Boston skies down to the Boston Pops Orchestra and the dozens of Red Sox players— past and present— being introduced to the crowd.  Even the New York Yankees players— who have seen their fair share of great players and celebrations at Yankee Stadium— watched with reverence in their replica Highlanders uniforms.

The old record for a toast— according to the P.A. announcer was 27,000— so maybe the Sox did manage to get enough raised glasses, but it sure didn't look like it.

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