Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yankees will wear different uniforms for first time at Fenway celebration

The New York Yankees have agreed with the Boston Red Sox to wear different uniforms for the first time ever at the 100th-year anniversary of Fenway Park on Friday.

According to the team, it will be the first time the Yankees have ever worn a different road uniform.

Instead of "NEW YORK" emblazoned across the front of the shirt, only the familiar "NY" logo will appear.

It's not like Boston fans won't know what team it is and they will be booed just the same.

The solid gray uniform with matching hat will be the first road uniform that doesn't spell out "NEW YORK" on the front and the gray cap matches the same one worn 100 years ago at the landmark stadium.

The Red Sox will wear solid white caps

In keeping with tradition, the Yankees players' names will still not be on the back.

The Sox lead the Yankees, 460-457, in games played at Fenway.

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