Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gretzky Family Gets Their Grunge On For The Holidays

Who said grunge is dead.  Not Wayne Gretzky and his family.

The first family of hockey's annual Christmas card with their Addams Family stares is a classic.  It wouldn't be a stretch to mistake this brooding brood for some Seattle garage band circa 1991.

The Hall-of-Famer's artsy sepia-toned family portrait just screams "Merry F---ing Christmas!" and would make Kurt Cobain proud.

This photo would make an awesome album cover and is definitely more "Rock On" than Norman Rockwell.

All that is missing from this Rolling Stone cover shot are a couple of guitars and some empty Jack Daniels bottles to go with the grunge fashions.

There might be a good reason for the plaid shirts.  Gretzky is Canadian or maybe the photographer grabbed him while he was taking out the garbage.

But the glum faces?

Gretzky's rebellious daughter Paulina's behavior might be the cause of The Great One's strained smile.

The aspiring actress and singer was taken to task by her dad after the 22 year-old posted provocative photos of herself on the Internet and she tweeted about it over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Gretzky then closed her Twitter account.

While the holidays can sometimes stress out a lot of families, other times, it can make for a great photograph.

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