Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jeter Ends Romantic Nights With A Signed Memorabilia Kiss-Off

New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter has been bedding a slew of women since his public breakup with longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly and—after a one-night stand together— sends his new conquests home with gift baskets of autographed souvenirs, according to the New York Post.

 New York City's most eligible bachelor's romantic nights and cold sendoffs became public after Jeter gave one woman the same parting gift twice—after forgetting she had spent the night with him before at his Trump World Tower bachelor pad,  a Jeter friend told the Post.

My guess is she didn't want to be known as his 3,000th hit.

"Derek has girls stay with him at his apartment in New York, and then he gets them a car to take them home the next day.  Waiting in his car is a gift basket containing signed Jeter memorabilia, usually a signed baseball," the friend said.

"This summer, he ended up hooking up with a girl he had hooked up with before, but Jeter seemed to have forgotten about the first time and gave her the same identical parting gift, a gift basket with a signed Derek Jeter baseball," the friend said.

Call it swag for a shag.  Only this time he re-gifted.

"He basically gave her the same gift twice," the friend continued.  "Because he'd forgotten hooking up with her the first time!"

That must be a lot of women because I bet the future Hall-of-Famer can remember his batting average and number of hits against every single pitcher (1171 when Jeter got to 3K) he's faced.

The notoriously private shortstop usually guards his All-American image and marketability tooth-and-nail.  The breakup with actress Kelly must have rocked his stable world because the Post reports he has hooked up with a bevy of woman since the summer.

The 37 year-old Yankees' Captain shies away from public places and the bright lights of Manhattan and reportedly prefers to host private cocktail parties in his million dollar apartment with close friends. 

"He normally doesn't go out with girls.  He will have them come over to his house.  He'll have cocktail parties," another friend said.  "His friends invite girls they think he'll be interested in.  He's very shy."

So don't expect the Kardashians to be dragging their cameras and cabooses to Jeter's place anytime soon.

"He'll occasionally take girls to a restaurant.  He has a couple of restaurants that he goes to that aren't trendy," said the pal.

"I know he's been dating multiple girls.  He likes a hole in the wall, or he likes  a place that his friends own," the friend explained.  "He's very cautious.  He'll only go out on off nights."

After that, he sneaks the women into his apartment, said the Post.

"The girls go through the back door entrance to Trump World Tower to avoid the paparazzi," continued the friend.  "He broke up with Minka in the summer and is definitely over her.  He's playing the field."

A signed baseball might seem a little cold after a night of hot passion, but they can bring big bucks on the Internet.

Jeter's autographed baseballs can bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the memorabilia market.

Neither Jeter nor the Yankees returned calls according to the Post.

A lot of people think Christian Lopez got screwed by the Yankees when he returned the home-run ball that Jeter got his milestone 3,000th hit with in July, but at least the generous fan got four season-tickets out of the deal.

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