Tuesday, December 27, 2011

High School Forward's Spectacular Dunk Gets Him Ejected From Game

One of the best up-and-coming high school forwards in the nation was ejected from a tournament game after dunking over an opposing defender then staring down his "dunk victim."

Justise Winslow, a sophomore at Houston (Texas) St. John's School was facing San Antonio (Texas) Antonian Prep in the annual St. Thomas Tournament in Houston when the small forward exploded over the tallest San Antonian defender and slammed the ball through the net while flooring the hapless defender.

It was a total mismatch.


Winslow— at 6-foot-5 and 200 pounds— used a slick double-crossover to fool one defender before plowing over the small tree under the basket.

After finishing the slam dunk, Winslow stared down his fallen opponent which earned him a "technical foul" from the referee and then,  to add insult to injury, Winslow saluted the cheering St. John's fans in the stands.

That second act earned Winslow another technical and an ejection from the game.

The top prospect may have to learn to discipline himself.  Winslow still has a few years left in high school but is already garnering attention from colleges.  He was named one of the "5-star recruits in the Class of 2014" according to RivalsHigh.com.

Winslow finished the game with 10 points, 12 rebounds and a dunk for the ages before the ejection.

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