Saturday, December 31, 2011

Young Brain Tumor Survivor Attacked At San Jose Sharks Game

San Jose police are investigating a 16-year old's claim that she was assaulted at a Sharks game at HP Pavilion because she was wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey.

Maggie Herger— a brain tumor survivor— told authorities she suffered a concussion after a loud, drunken fan hit her on the head during the second period of the Wednesday night NHL game.

As Herger was being taken away by EMT's, a Shark's fan told her to "suck it up," according to the Mercury News.

"I just wanted to cry," she told the newspaper.  "Who does that?"

The young Canadian women has a good reason to cheer for the Canucks.  She told reporters she started rooting for the team after they visited her in the hospital four years ago while she was recovering from brain surgery.

Herger said the same fan who razzed her while being taken to an ambulance also said, "You're faking it, you don't need an ambulance."

An examination revealed that Herger suffered a mild concussion from the hit.

According to the Sharks, the accused fan— a middle-aged woman— told police the contact was accidental and happened while celebrating a Shark's goal.

The young woman told police that her 18-year old sister, Maya, bought the tickets for her as a Christmas present and they tried to avoid clashing with the rowdy fans surrounding them.

Herger claims her assailant went crazy after a goal and smacked her in the back of her head.

Police have not made any arrests and the Sharks issued a statement which read in part:  "Upon being interviewed, others seated in the area of the incident did not report seeing the contact between  the parties involved."

Herger, who was released from the hospital, said she was nauseated, on medication and still had pain in her neck but wouldn't let the incident keep her from cheering for her favorite team.

"I would be terrified and would want to go with my dad or security guards," she said.  "But I would love to go back."

If it's any consolation to Herger, the Canucks—who are tied for first in the Western Conference— beat the Sharks 3-2 in overtime.

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