Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Paulina Gretzky Photo Which Had Wayne "At The End Of His Rope"

Popular Twitter star Paulina Gretzky is back to her old tricks again—posting racy pictures of herself—against the wishes of her dad hockey great— Wayne Gretzky.

The 22 year-old wild-child daughter of Gretzky and his actress wife Janet had angered her father so much—by posting the suggestive snapshots of herself on her Twitter account— that he ordered her to remove the provocative photos from the Internet.

The Hall-of-Fame hockey player finally flipped out after seeing the racy shots of his daughter—especially one where she is sucking a lollipop in a revealing low-cut top.

"Wayne had been very tolerant until now," said a family source.  "His hair was standing on end when the photos came to his attention—especially the one where she sucking on a lollipop with her boobs front and center."

"'He was like what's next?'" said the source.  "That's when he finally sat her down and told her 'This is just not about you—it's about the family name, so stop it.'"

Much to the sadness of her growing legion of followers, the Great One then sent Paulina to the penalty box.

Even her mother, a former Playboy and lingerie model herself, is incensed by her daughter's photo spreads.

The long-time feud between father and daughter came to a head during Thanksgiving.  Paulina even tweeted about the situation herself:  "Having a nice sit-down with my dad about social media...haha."

Right after that, she replaced the saucy photos with a family holiday shot and tweeted: "Taking a break from Twitter for a bit.  Happy Holidays!!!Xoxox."

The oldest of Gretzky's five kids is an aspiring actress and singer but still gets an allowance from her parents.  She refused to go to college and her plans in the entertainment business haven't panned out.

Her name and wealthy upbringing haven't really opened many doors and, until this lifestyle disagreement with her famous father, wasn't known for anything but a song she sang which was used on the MTV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County soundtrack.

There has been speculation that the conservative Gretzky was considering buying the Toronto Maple Leafs and some of his daughter's R-rated pix could hamper the deal according to reports.

Darren Blake, Gretzky's manager, said, "Wayne won't be issuing any comments."

Gretzky has confided to friends, according to the New York Post, that "Boys are easier to raise than girls."

Last week, Paulina was at it again and tweeted: "Hi everyone I'm back!  But shh don't tell my dad."

That tweet abruptly disappeared but there are still racy photos on her account including a new photo with a pouting Paulina in a white T-shirt with the word SEX in big black letters.

I'm sure Wayne considers that a blue line infraction.

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