Friday, December 23, 2011

N.J. Governor Chris Christie: Jets Over Giants By Seven

It was only a matter of time before New Jersey's second biggest bloviator would chime in about Saturday's crucial Giants-Jets game and Governor Chris Christie didn't disappoint.  He thinks bettors should take the points and the three-point underdog Giants in the battle of the Meadowlands but count on the Jets to win the game.

"J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets," the governor said Friday on Sirius XM's Radio's "Mad Dog Radio" program.  "Absolutely.  Rex and the boys will win by seven."

Most politicians would have used political double-speak when answering that question and said something along the lines of 'the home team' or the 'team from Jersey.'

Technically the Giants are the visitors, but the blunt-talking Christie has never been one to mince words and seems cut from the same mold as the Jets loudmouth head coach Rex Ryan.

And a big mold it is.

Christie, who combined with Ryan, could probably wipe out a Las Vegas buffet table in one trip, said nice things about Giants head coach Tom Coughlin but believed the Jets—who train in Florham Park— would win. 

"The Jets are going to step up," said Christie,  "The Jets have been the more consistent team this year.  The Jets are going to win."

All week, the GOP governor was heard supporting presidential candidate Mitt Romney and now old Mitt has jumped to first place in the latest Republican polls.  So maybe Christie can bring the same kind of luck to the Jets playoff hopes.

Meanwhile, Ryan continues to stir things up and has been mouthing off about Giants fans.  He said he occasionally runs into them.

"There is usually a shoving match," he joked.

Ryan is encouraging his own fans to bring the twelfth man on Saturday afternoon and instructed them to wear green and wave white rally towels.

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