Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LeBron Challenges Durant To Flag Football Game

After seeing Kevin Durant tossing around the pigskin in a flag football game on YouTube, LeBron James tweeted to the Oklahoma City Thunder forward that he would like to face him on a flag football field in his Ohio hometown with his own team.

According to HLN, James—who's been saying he would like to try out as an NFL tight end and had been working out with a high school team—tweeted the challenge to his friend Durant on Monday saying that he'd "like to invite him to Akron" for a game wearing the Velcro ribbons around their waists.

To which Durant responded," I'm ready.  I've got my team ready to go."


Durant was videotaped playing flag football with a group of Oklahoma State frat boys on Halloween night after he went on Twitter and asked if anyone was doing anything good that night—specifically (and oddly) flag football.

Durant ended up in a game with a group of fraternity players and about 500 fans got wind of it, showed up and plastered it all over YouTube.  The Miami Heat star was one of the thousands who saw Durant tower over the other players and make three interceptions.  That got the competitive wheels in motion.

NBA players are getting bored waiting for the lock out to end but, if the NBA's star players start playing physical sports like this for fun, the owners might budge a little to save their million dollar investments.  This game could be war.

Durant or James didn't specify who would be on their "teams," but that frat squad may end up being the luckiest flag football team in history.

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