Friday, November 4, 2011

Rex Ryan to Play Patriots Fan in Adam Sandler Movie

Rex Ryan will be coming to a big screen near you—a really big screen.  The outspoken New York Jets head coach will be playing—of all things—a New England Patriots fan in Adam Sandler's upcoming film "I Hate You, Dad."

Ryan as a Patriots fan?  Talk about casting against type.

The news was revealed in a podcast by Sandler on the NFL Network yesterday.

Ryan's detractors probably think that even Cinescope is too small for the head coach's ego but Ryan will play a Boston lawyer in the movie which was filmed in Massachusetts last summer.

This isn't the first foray into acting for the brash Jets coach who turns almost every one of his press conferences into a showcase.

Ryan did appear in an episode of "CSI: New York" earlier this year with GM Mike Tannenbaum but—despite any rumors—he did not audition for a part in the recent remake of "Footloose."

Sandler—a die-hard Jets fan—described Ryan's role in the interview.

"He's my lawyer," Sandler told Rich Eisen.  "My character... is kind of a dirtbag guy and he's in trouble.  Rex is an inexpensive lawyer in town. He takes care of me.  He's also a mammoth Patriots fan in the movie."

Don't expect any scenes with Bill Belichick though.

"We wrote it in the script," said Sandler.  "He was great enough to be loose and funny about it.  He talks about Tom Brady.  He talks about Coach Belichick.  He's really cool."

Ryan—whom no one would call a shrinking violet—was more than happy to take on the role according to the actor.

""I saw him in the hotel in the morning going to the set," said Sandler.  "I saw coach running lines with two nice girls that work for the Jets.  Just seeing the coach in the lobby doing his lines and memorizing them, closing his eyes.  Then he put on a suit.  Kind of a goofy suit.  And he did great... he did nail it."

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