Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fan Sucker-Punches Soccer Player Then Gets Beaten Up By Team

A Romanian soccer player was sucker punched by a fan who ran on to the field in the middle of play and was then taken to task by his teammates.  After the reportedly dope-upped fan punched the pro-footballer on the side of his face, the player's teammates swarmed the man— dressed in black—then kicked and pummelled him on the field in front of thousands of people in the stands.


The player suffered a broken cheekbone and the cheap-shot lunatic was arrested and put in jail after the soccer team was finished doing kicking drills on his head.

Things weren't over yet.

Officials had to call the game off—with Steaua leading Petrolul, 2-0— after fans in the stands started setting off fireworks and rumbling with each other.  One of the goalies was hit by some of the explosives.

What was this guy thinking?  Add this episode to the long line of stupid soccer stunts.

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