Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blake Griffin is Odds-On Favorite to be Kim Kardashian's Next Suitor

It's barely been a week since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, but bookmakers are already placing odds on who will be the reality star's next date.

Several off-shore gambling houses have opened up wagering on who will be Kardashian's next suitor and it looks like an eclectic mix of athletes and entertainers are at the top of the odds board, according to the New York Daily News.

Blake Griffin has been installed as a 5-1 favorite to be the successor to Kris Humphries as the next man to have his life exploited by the Kardashian clan.

Why not?  Griffin has a lot of the qualifications the shamelessly, self-promoting Kardashian seems to admire.  He's highly visible, bi-racial and plays a professional sport.

Caution to all wagerers, the NBA players are still locked out— so Griffin might have too much time on his hands— and we know how that turned out with Humphries and KK the last time.

The over/under for how long a Blakarshian/Kardashifinn (?) relationship would last is the same as the probable length of the NBA season and her last marriage—72 days.

Kanye West has been installed as a distant second at 8-1, while former flame, NFL running back Reggie Bush is being touted, along with actor Ryan Reynolds, as 10-1 odds.

Save your money on longshots Usher (12-1) and Derek Jeter (14-1), but tuck a little away for dark horses George Clooney and Justin Timberlake.

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