Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer Player Honors Son's Memory with a Goal and a Message

English soccer player Billy Sharp lifted his jersey after he scored a goal on Tuesday night to reveal a t-shirt that read "That's For You Son."  It was meant to honor the memory of his son Luey, who died Saturday night, two days after he was born.

Sharp called it the most important goal of his life and even the opposing team and their fans applauded the score.


The broken-hearted Sharp—who was not expected to play—took the field after being named Captain of the Doncaster Rovers and scored the emotional goal against Middlesbrough in the 14th minute.

"Dedicated to my brave boy Luey Jacob Sharp.  I love u son sleep tight.  That's for you son,"  Sharp said on Twitter after the match.

Referees could have given Sharp a yellow-card for displaying a message on a t-shirt, but declined to penalize him.

"My goal had to be something special tonight for my boy," said Sharp.  "I'm so proud of him and his mum."

Both teams and all the fans honored Sharp with cheers before the match.

"This is a minute's applause to celebrate the short life of Billy and Jade's son Luey Jacob Sharp," said the announcer before the match began.

Sharp said later that all the tributes left him in tears.

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