Friday, November 4, 2011

Gymnast Does "Kobe" Over Speeding Cars

Remember when Kobe Bryant's jump over an Aston-Martin sports car for a Nike ad—that he later confessed was fake—was all the rage?  Well, gymnast Aaron Evans has become an expert at flipping over moving vehicles and now holds the world-record by leaping over three cars in-a-row.


While Kobe's jump was admittedly "Hollywood," the 22 year-old Evans nail-biting stunts are void of any special effects.  He actually hops over the car, not beside it.

Evans does his dangerous flips over cars traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph on slippery oil-spotted parking lots.  He turns asphalt roads into a trampolines and could easily dunk a basketball on a 12-foot high rim.

The talented gymnast and acrobat said he was inspired to perform the stunt more from watching Bruce Lee movies than the Los Angeles Lakers star's video.

Kobe's ad was fun, but whatever shoes Evans is selling— I'm buying.

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