Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rockies Jeremy Guthrie plays catch with a Twitter fan

Who said it looks silly to carry your baseball glove around with you at all times?  One Colorado Rockies fan found out it pays to lug the extra leather after Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie went on Twitter yesterday looking for someone to play catch with at Coors Field.

On an off day following their home opener, Guthrie tweeted that he needed someone join him: "Anybody on lunch break & up for a game of catch with me? #Off day # NoThrowingPartner say. ly"

As you can guess, Guthrie soon got a couple of responses offering to lend him a hand.  Some even faked their lunch breaks just for a chance to toss the ball with a major-leaguer.

The reply that caught Guthrie's eye was the one from Woody Roseland: "My man!  I'm downtown and have my glove.  Let's do this!!"

Sounds like a fan's simple fantasy come to life, but this story gets even better for everyone.

Roseland has a special story to tell.  The young man is a five-time cancer survivor and amputee.

Just to prove this fairy tale experience actually happened, Roseland posted a photo of him and Guthrie  sitting in the dugout at Coors Field on Instagram.

Cole Parsons also posted a photo from the press box of the two men playing catch in the field.

So many things fell in place for this wonderful moment to happen including Guthrie's teammate Tyler Chatwood missing the practice and leaving Guthrie without a battery-mate.  Guthrie later joked that Chatwood bailed on him.

Now if this isn't a good reason to carry that worn out leather mitt at all times— you'd be mistaken—  it could lead to a day you'll never forget.

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