Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kris Humphries scores one for the other team

Kris Humphries probably came as close as he ever will to playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, after he inadvertently tipped in a basket for the home team last night.

The New Jersey Net finished the game with 15 rebounds and 20 points— too bad a couple of them were for the other guys.

Maybe he was pretending to be Lamar Odom?


You might be able to forgive the much-booed forward for Tuesday night's goof.

He's has a lot on his mind with that $7 million divorce thingee with Kim Kardashian or visions of Blake Griffin having a highlight reel against him every time they meet.

The Nets almost pulled off a big upset until Kobe Bryant rattled home a 3-pointer with 6.8 seconds left— after the Lakers almost blew a 12 point fourth quarter lead— to beat the Nets, 91-87.

Kris, we all make mistakes.  It's not like you entered into a fake marriage for publicity and money.

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