Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sage Steele shuts down NBA Celebrity All-Star MVP when he starts spouting off about politics (VIDEO)

Using a solid mic pull and a subtle shoulder check, ESPN reporter Sage Steele shut down Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler, after the singer tried to get political during an interview after the NBA Celebrity All-Star game in Toronto on Friday night.

Butler was named the Most Valuable Player and during the post-game interview with Steele, the 6-foot-4 Canadian resident chose to inject some politics during the live-TV exchange — however the feisty reporter was not having any of it.

"I just wanted to say, it's an election year in the US, the US has a lot it can learn from Canada, (such as) health care, taking caring of people," Butler began preaching after his 15 point, 14 rebound game.

However, in keeping with ESPN's "Stick to Sports" agenda during interviews,  Steele quickly pulled away the microphone and took back the spotlight, using her slender shoulder to push away the Canuck. 

"We're talking about celebrity stuff, not politics," said Steele as she pulled the mic away. "Congratulations on your MVP."

The 35-year-old Butler started the interview at the Ricoh Coliseum by by thanking his hometown. The singer was born and raised in Texas but moved to Montreal in 2000 to attend McGill University. He still lives in Montreal, which is where he started Arcade Fire.

"I've lived in the great city of Montreal for 15 years," Butler said. 

"I've represented Montreal. If you guys want to fast-track my Canadian citizenship, hopefully this will help make me a permanent resident. 

"I just want to say that I'm retiring as a celebrity right now, so I will not be eligible for the celebrity game next year.

"I'm retiring as a celebrity. We brought this home for Canada. 

"Respect to Drake. Respect to Team Canada."

Oh Canada. Stick to hockey, eh?

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