Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hockey player handcuffed on ice after fighting with referee (VIDEO)

A Canadian junior hockey game looked more like an episode of Cops after a player was arrested for fighting with a referee on the ice.

Olivier Marcotte was handcuffed and subsequently arrested for allegedly spitting in the face of the linesman, before getting wrestled to the ice by the zebra on Sunday, according to Journal de Montreal.

The 21-year-old plays for the Junior AA Hockey-Experts out of Sherbrooke, Quebec. The bizarre sequence of events happened in the third period, after a heated verbal exchange with the referee.

After other referees helped subdue Marcotte, the Quebec provincial police walked out onto the ice to handcuff the hockey player — face down — all to a chorus of cheers.
"I thought I had seen everything in 20 years of hockey, but here, it's the first time!" said opposing coach Dominic Amyot.

The dramatic sequence of events, according to, began when Marcotte allegedly spat in the linesman's face before the pair became entangled and the young player appeared to throw a punch before being wrestled to the ice.

Marcotte was released from custody later that night and will likely not face any charges. His team lost 9-3 to Nicolet.

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