Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eli Manning lookalike arrested for throwing live alligator into Wendy's drive-thru (PHOTO)

A 23-year-old Florida man — with an uncanny resemblance to Eli Manning — landed himself in jail after the dimwitted prankster threw a live alligator into a Wendy's drive-thru window.

Joshua James is accused of assault with a deadly weapon and illegally capturing an alligator after throwing the scaly creature into a Royal Palm Beach Wendy’s fast food joint.

And damn, if he doesn't look like a young Eli.
The alligator wrangler allegedly picked up the gator off the side of the road before shoving the three and a half foot reptile from the back of his car through the cashier’s window and saying see ya later.

His mother told WPTV that her son is not violent and that the alligator was part of a joke aimed at his friend who works at the Wendy’s.

“He’s a prankster. He does stuff like this because he thinks it’s funny,” she said.

As for Eli, we all know how the former Ole Miss star must feel about Gators, but lucky for Peyton's brother, everyone knew where the stone-faced Giants quarterback was this weekend. And I mean everyone.

The alligator was not injured and released into a nearby canal.

As for Eli, he was only charged with looking dumbfounded ... again.


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  2. ...he thought Peyton might be there... Peyton never could beat a gator.