Thursday, February 11, 2016

Female powerlifter throws up on judges during weightlifting competition (VIDEO)

A female weightlifter competing at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships put maybe a little too much oomph into her lift when she projectile-vomited towards a row of judges sitting in front row of the Florida event.

The powerlifter, who is known on social media as BlondeBeautyBri, has since become a viral sensation for her unfortunate experience at the Port Saint Lucie competition, also known as the "Rum9."

In the video clip, the woman happily approaches the weights and after performing a little dance, lifts the weights then, out of nowhere, spews in the direction of the judges sitting in front.

The judges on the front row can be seen moving their chairs back quickly in order to avoid the spray — but not before the woman completes the lift and successfully manages to lock the weights at waist height.

BlondeBeautyBri showed that she had a sense of humor and later posted the barfing video to her own Instagram page.

Hopefully, hurling won't become an Olympics weightlifting category, but I would at least give her a 10 for distance.

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