Monday, February 1, 2016

Jay Bromley rape accuser might have once tried to extort actor Taye Diggs: Report

Jay Bromley denied Sunday that he attempted to rape a woman at a Manhattan hotel Saturday morning after meeting her on Instagram. The woman claims the New York Giants defensive end hit her with his car after a hotel room encounter went bad and he tried to flee the scene.

Bromley's manager, Keko Payne, told the New York Daily News that the allegations were "absolutely not" true and that the woman tried to shake the 23-year-old Bromley down for money after their hookup turned bad at the Hyatt Herald Hotel in midtown.

Now, NYPD cops probing the alleged rape are investigating whether the same woman had previously tried to extort money from actor Taye Diggs over a sex tape last year.

The New York Post is reporting that Diggs — the talented star of Broadway, film and TV — was threatened with releasing a videotape of him, her and another woman having sex and doing drugs via Instagram last June.

The NYPD said they are aware of a third alleged shakedown scheme by the woman that targeted an unidentified “man of some note,” sources said.

Law-enforcement officials and neighbors identified Bromley’s accuser as a 26-year-old woman who lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The Post is withholding her name.

But last year, a woman — who went by the Instagram name Chankeong3 — uploaded a brief video clip showing her and Diggs in what appears to be an upscale hotel room.

Diggs — who shot to stardom in the 1998 movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,’’ is starring in TV’s “Murder in the First’’ and was in the original Broadway cast of “Rent’’ — is seen lying fully clothed on a large bed while the woman shakily pans the camera around the room before pointing it at herself and licking her lips.

In an accompanying, PROFANITY-LACED rant addressed to Diggs, she threatened to release “all 7 parts of this video, bitch.”

“I will air out this entire video piece by piece of u licking both me and my bitch p—y and ur f–k­ing number if u don’t get ya s–t right,” she wrote.

“Act dumb if u want to. I have footage of u on all kinda drugs, and sucking on my c–t hoe.”
Less than a week after the Diggs video surfaced, Diary of a Hollywood Street King reported that the actor had paid Bromley’s accuser “a large undisclosed sum of money” to cover up the scandal.

The accuser acknowledged to The Post that she posted the video featuring Diggs, saying: “Yes, I had an altercation with an actor in the past. I went to social media. A lot of girls go to social media and blast off when they are upset.”

But she insisted, “I never extorted that man,” and, “That man never gave me a dime.”

Bromley’s accuser introduced herself to the football player on Instagram, sources have said.

She has told cops that he raped her at the Hyatt Herald Square hotel, then hit her with his car outside.

She said that Bromley — who has not been charged — attacked her after she got sick while performing a sex act on him.

“I’ll be honest with you, I threw up. I agreed to s–k him off, and I threw up. I was drunk, and that’s when he blew up,” she told The Post.

But she refused to discuss the alleged rape in any detail, saying, “I’m not getting into all that.’’

As for allegedly being hit by Bromley’s car, she said, “My knee and back are injured,” and added that she was “really traumatized” by the incident.

A Giants spokesperson told The New York Post that they are "aware of the situation."

"We have notified the league office per the league’s protocol. We will have no further comment as we understand this is an ongoing investigation," the spokesperson said. 

Bromley refused to comment outside his home in Secaucus, NJ, on Sunday. Diggs could not be reached by the Post.

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