Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sabres fans take being '7th Player' to another level (VIDEO)

They might not actually know the pain of an NHL cross-check, but a couple of of Buffalo Sabres fans looked like they were part of the team when turned their seats along the Bell Centre glass into their own extension of the hockey bench.

The two Sabres "players" sat there in full team regalia — home white jerseys with white helmets complete with all the appropriate decals —  and even had their own towels and water bottles as props.

And if you didn't know the creative pair was sitting on the wrong side of the glass, the imposters' mannerisms and anxious looks at the coach and scoreboard — not to mention the scraggy facial hair — would have you think they were really part of the team.

But maybe those funny looks and head shakes from the real players is what gave them away.

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