Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Advice columnist duped by Keith Hernandez 'Seinfeld' plot

Here's one advice columnist who definitely isn't a master of her domain — or at least of pop TV culture.

One sneaky reader wanted counsel from syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson and used a well known Seinfeld episode — the one when Jerry meets former MLB star Keith Hernandez and gets taken advantage of — as a real-life dilemma for the Dear Amy writer to offer some urgent guidance.

 And "Feeling Foolish" actually received a serious response back from the duped columnist:

Here's a snippet from the two-part Hernandez episode, which was first shown in 1993 — and rerun thousands of times since.

Now on to my own personal issues:

Dear Amy: I've recently run into problems with a pesky upstairs neighbor. He's a mailman ...

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