Thursday, January 28, 2016

Iowa fight song inexplicably blares from vacant Niagara Falls building for 8 hours a day (VIDEO)

Even though the school sits over 800 miles away, over the last six straight months and for reasons unknown, the University of Iowa fight song has reportedly played on a loop out of a vacant downtown Niagara Falls building for eight hours a day — every day.

The horns and drums start up every afternoon around the same time — lasting from about 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. — and the inexplicable music is driving neighborhood residents crazy with its constant play.

The haunting monotone recording has even prompted an investigation from the mayor and local police.
“I can’t override it. I turn my TV up, turn my stereo up and close the windows,” Kevin Robertson, a tenant and chef at a building across the street, told The Buffalo News. “It is definitely being done with malice.”

Robertson, who said he's complained to police and judges, told the newspaper he hears the Hawkeyes song playing in his head and it's driving him "crazy."

The owner of an upscale bistro across the street estimated that the song plays about 500 times a day.

“They play it for 50 seconds over and over again. I could sing it to you almost by heart,” Shawn Weber said. "It's ridiculously annoying."

The building's owner, Joe Anderson, reportedly hasn't responded to complaints so far.

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster and Police Superintendent E. Bryan DalPorto said they are aware of the spooky problem. Dyster added that it will come before the city council at its next meeting on Feb. 8.

“I can tell you we are not happy about it," Dyster said. "It seems like a deliberate attempt to disrupt other businesses on the street."

Sounds more like a Twilight Zone episode to me.

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