Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Doug Marrone’s Wikipedia page gets 'edited' by angry Bills fan

When it comes to having a case of the Mondays, Doug Marrone had one yesterday that he'd really like to forget.

Not only was the former Bills coach ripped by one of his old assistants at Syracuse after it came out that Marrone’s job interview with the Jets did not go very well, even his Wikipedia page got the treatment by an angry Bills fan.

It seems some pissed off Bills fan went as far as to edit Marrone's Wikipedia page to take out his rage on the runaway coach.

The information site, which can be edited by any of its users, displayed Marrone’s bio — at least temporarily — with a few snide remarks on Monday, presumably made by the anonymous fan or fans.

The coach’s bio called him Douglas “walks out on his team” Marrone, referencing the coach opting out of his contract with the Bills.

It also read that he “walked out on the Buffalo Bills after their defense brought them to the first winning season in a decade. He has no offensive skills, so he won’t be hired by another team, unless the Jets want to suck again in 2015.”

After some untouched, factual biographical information, the final line of the Wiki bio says “he also cleaned toilets at Walmart, and doubled as a greeter.”

Marrone’s birthplace was also changed to read “A toilet in bronx, ny.”

Wikipedia corrected the page. But it was later re-edited by either another or the same user, which included changing his name to "Douglas Moron."

Either way, Marrone's chances with the Jets probably got flushed too.

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