Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pedro Martinez still holds grudge against Jorge Posada for insulting his mother and starting famous brawl: Report

The old Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has lost some of its edge over the last few years but whenever you mention Pedro Martinez, it seems like the bad blood is still at full boil.

On Wednesday, Martinez — the newly elected Hall of Famer — admitted that the one Yankee whom he despised most was Jorge Posada.

And it was personal.

Martinez, appearing on Daily News Live, made it clear that he still holds a grudge against Posada, claiming the ex-Yankee catcher carried their running feud too far at one point by insulting the Red Sox pitcher’s mother and instigating the famous brawl when he infamously decked Yankees coach Don Zimmer (video at bottom).

“Between Latinos you don’t mention anybody’s mother,” Pedro said. “And I never forgot that one. To this day.”

Martinez was on the TV show with fellow newly elected Hall of Famers John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Craig Biggio when he made the revelation.

When host Jonas Schwartz asked why, Martinez said, “Because Jorge always seemed to have a bad attitude toward me.”

And, under further questioning, Pedro admitted to making fun of Posada’s ears at times, saying:

“I call him Dumbo, but that’s no reason for him to want to kill me.”

Martinez wasn’t clear if Posada’s insult helped ignite the brawl or the remark was delivered after Zimmer had charged Pedro and wound up on the ground.

"It was just competing," Martinez said of Posada. "But he was always mad at me for some reason.

“Then he let it go a little bit too far with the Zimmer incident. Between Latinos you don’t mention anybody’s mother. I did not appreciate that. I know it was in the heat of the situation, but that’s sensitive to Latino players."

And it was the mother of all brawls.

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