Saturday, January 10, 2015

Derek Fisher's timeout speech is worthy of 'Hoosiers' cornfest (VIDEO)

The New York Knicks were on their way to a 120-96 loss to the Rockets Friday night and are already the worst team in the NBA. So is there really anything coach Derek Fisher can say to rally the troops during a timeout?

Seems Fisher turned into 'Hoosiers' Coach Dale during a break in the action against the Houston Rockets on national TV and came out sounding cornier than an Indiana harvest.

"Just relax," Fisher told his grownup charges. "It's basketball. All the rules of the game are the same. The basket's the same height. They put their shorts on the same way you put yours on. It don't matter who it is over there. Believe in who you are. You can play the game."

After 34 losses and only 5 wins, Fisher has probably run out of phrases to motivate his team but this awkward rallying cry was more CYO than NBA.

So where's Shooter when you need him?

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