Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SWAT teams fire tear gas at OSU fans celebrating National Championship win (VIDEO)

Chaos reigned in Columbus after Ohio State's football team defeated Oregon to win the national title in college football's first championship playoff series final.

Thousands of fans were seen reveling on crowded streets as police tried to keep order in the city gripped by celebrations after the 42-20 victory for the Buckeyes.

Police and SWAT teams dressed in full camouflage gear and Kevlar helmets were pictured using tear gas to disperse the crowds after earlier urging fans to show they "have class."

Thousands of fans cheering and blowing car horns converged on the university's stadium shortly after the win, only to be turned away by police. That forced them back to an area of bars around the campus where about 30 trash cans and dumpsters were set ablaze.

Social media blew up with fiery images including one of a man pouring fuel on to a sofa which sat burning in the middle of the street.

Photos of the streets showed SWAT teams marshaling crowds, and fires burning in the middle of intersections while patrol cars pushed through hundreds of celebrating fans.

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