Monday, January 5, 2015

Are Daniel Herron's Buckeye socks adorned with marijuana plants? (PHOTO)

Following the Colts' 26-10 playoff victory over the Bengals, Daniel "Boom" Herron showed off a pair of Ohio State socks that he said contained the images of Buckeye leafs. Except they looked more like the leafs of a marijuana plant.

USA Today posted a photo of the running back's light red socks adorned with white images of what appeared to be plants of the smoking kind.

Herron played for the Buckeyes, and Ohio State has a symbol on its helmet that looks like a marijuana plant, so you can give him a little slack. Except that these sock plants suspiciously had a few more “leaves” than the Buckeye leaf, which has only five.

Have fun in Colorado when you meet the Broncos next Sunday.

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