Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planking to the Oldies; Man Willingly Gets Planked By Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons, the 62 year-old fitness guru, is the latest celebrity to join in on the worldwide craze of "planking."  In a photo posted on Twitter by a student in one of his fitness classes, the exuberant promoter of "Sweating to the Oldies" is seen happily planking a man on a studio floor.

This isn't the first time Simmons has publicly planked.  He was recently videotaped doing the deed on a filthy Los Angeles sidewalk.  Simmons seems to enjoy his new role as planking ambassador even if his technique is a little off.  You arms should be at your sides.

"I'm planking," he shrieked.  "Then what do you do?"

Planking is the latest fad where a person lies on their stomach, stiff and expressionless with their arms at their side.  You do it in usually in unusual locations or situations.  While lying there, someone photographs the moment and posts it on the Internet.  There are thousands of web sites devoted to the "sport."

Justin Bieber is just one of the celebrities who is known to enjoy a good plank and Gordon Ramsey was spotted planking an airplane engine.  Some people probably wish it was a hot stove top.

The craze has been taken to extreme and dangerous levels.  Last month a man was killed in Brisbane, Australia after he fell six stories while planking on a hotel balcony.

The poor guy being planked by Simmons probably feels like dying after this photo hit the Internet.

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