Friday, July 29, 2011

Fisherman Hops on Shark's Back For Ride Of His Life

A Massachusetts fisherman gave new meaning to "Jumping the Shark" after he literally hopped onto the back of one of the fish while it swam alongside his boat.

Eric Jacobs pulled the stunt while angling off the New England coast and a huge basking shark sidled up to the port side of his fishing boat.  Jacobs did his best imitation of Fonzie, dove into the water and got towed about fifteen feet while hanging on to the shark's dorsal fin.


"It was very exciting until I realized how far the boat was from me," said the human chum.  " I said 'I need to get back on the boat.'"

Although it is in the shark family, Jacobs was in no imminent danger.  The basking shark is not a man-eater and dines mostly on plankton and small fish.  The breed is the second largest fish in the ocean and can grow up to 30 feet long.

Jacobs said he realized it was just a harmless basking shark before he dropped his pole and took his plunge to infamy.

"I need to swim with him.  I need to be part of this," contemplated Jacobs before his jump and, in the understatement of the day said, "It was the experience of a lifetime."

He must have realized how crazy it was after ten seconds.  Just check out how fast Jacobs swims back to the boat.

Wildlife officials said the basking shark is a protected species and they frown upon the idea of shark-riding.

I knew Red Sox fans were crazy and this proves it.

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