Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Derek Jeter Spends All-Star Break in South Beach With Minka Kelly

The 82nd All-Star Game is over and the New York Yankees first 3,000-hit Club member, Derek Jeter,  didn't make a surprise appearance at Chase Field as many had rumored.  Instead, Jeter skipped the mid-summer classic to rest his strained calf and relieve the pressure of getting the milestone hit with his long-time girlfriend Minka Kelly.

Jeter was spotted hanging out in Miami with the 31 year-old actress this week.  The couple was seen having lunch and cuddling in the trendy South Beach area, only a baseball toss away from where Kelly is filming the new "Charlie's Angels" television series.

What better way to relieve pressure than for Jeter to opt for snuggling with a Hollywood angel over facing the Los Angeles baseball kind like Jered Weaver.

Jeter hasn't made too many comments regarding his controversial snub of the All-Star Game, after getting his historic 3,000th hit,  but plenty of others have come to the elected All-Star's defense.

"I have no problem with Derek Jeter," said Commissioner Bud Selig, according to the New York Post.  "I've known him for 15 years; he's always done the right thing.  I completely understand the situation.  And to tell you the truth, I probably would have done the same thing myself."

Jeter's teammate, Curtis Granderson echoed the sentiment.

"We understand where he is coming from," said the All-Star centerfielder.  "The most important goal is for the team, to go ahead and be healthy for the later part of the season, which is obviously the most important, which is what the  fans want to see."

Jeter picked up his 3,000th hit with a dramatic home-run on Saturday and there was speculation the twelve-time All-Star would still make it to last night's celebration, even if it was only to throw out the first ball. 

Now we know the Yankees Captain instead headed to Florida for some love during the three day break.

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