Monday, December 10, 2012

RGIII on hit: 'I screamed ... like a man, of course'

Robert Griffin III left Sunday's game in the fourth quarter with what the Washington Redskins say is a right knee sprain.

The quarterback tried to continue playing against the Baltimore Ravens, but came out of the game after four plays and went to the locker room.

At the post-game press conference RGIII limped to the podium sounding a little disappointed but he still managed to get a laugh from the media gallery.

Describing the gruesome looking tackle RGIII smiled and said, "I knew soon as I got hit.  I screamed ... like a man, of course."

"When I came out after that play with my leg, I told [them] I was going back in.  They looked at me for a second," Griffin said. "I just wanted them to know that I wanted to go back in and I did for a few plays.  I made the throw to Tana [Santana Moss] and to Pierre [Garcon] down the field, but I knew I needed to get out at that point.  I couldn't move.  At some point you have to do what's right for the team.

"If I had played the rest of the game. I probably would have hurt myself even more. You've just got to trust those guys and trust yourself when you know enough is enough."

Griffin said he still felt positive despite the injury but realized he could go no further.

"I really couldn't do too much," he said.  "I had to get out."

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