Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big East non-football schools discuss forming new league

Looking at unstable future and the possibility of a drastically cut television deal, the seven remaining non-football schools in the Big East met Monday to discuss possibly breaking away from the league and forming their own separate conference.

The reality of $40 million decrease could be an impetus for the non-football schools — St. John's, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Marquette, Villanova, DePaul and Providence —to leave the conference that basketball built.

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco reportedly attended the meeting.

The television money would only be a fraction of what was expected before Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Rutgers bolted from the Big East over the past 15 months.

The remaining schools claim that there is less incentive for the non-football schools to stay in the dwindling league and their only recourse is forming a basketball-only league and perhaps inviting other schools without FBS-level football programs to join.  Schools like Butler, Xavier, St. Louis, VCU, Dayton, George Mason and Creighton have all been mentioned as candidates.

A source said a decision, one way or another, is expected before July 1 — the date Memphis, Houston, SMU and University of Central Florida are scheduled to join the Big East as all-sports members.

Most observers have speculated that the non-football schools would be better off with their own league.  

It's still a shame that while the same Big East East teams that infected the conference with football are the same ones that have turned their backs on the ailing basketball league.

Ironically, the mediocre Big Least football league is what has killed the once great basketball conference.


  1. Not only were the league money mongers guilty of destroying the existing school programs.. but the west coast schools thinking of joining have also lost their moral compass!

  2. Well, the bottom line is actually the bottom line. The only reason SDSU and BSU even joined was because of the big payday. If that doesn't happen, SDSU and BSU should can the idea of joining the BE.

  3. Please don't blame the football schools for the demise of the Big East. The demise was begun when Georgetown and John Thompson adamantly rejected the application of Penn State in the early days of the Big East. Had Penn State been admitted, the whole scenario which has unfolded over the last several years would have been avoided Adding Penn State followed by Miami and Virgina Tech would have solidified the Leagues position in both Football and Basketball. The later addition of Louisville and Cincinnati would have enhanced both the basketball program and football. Not to mention what might have happened with Notre Dame. WHAT A DYNAMITE LEAGUE FOR BOTH MAJOR SPORTS.

    Now the Big Least will surely cease to exist and the small basketball schools will get the skimpy rewards that they so justly deserve.

    1. I agree 100% with your comments


  4. I reall7y think there will be a Big East Basketball / all sports except football and then a Big East - fotball only conference . I think nthat the Caholic seven will also want Cincy , Memphis , Connecticuit and Temple for basketball and then raid the A-10 for upper level teams [ Probably Xavier , Butler , VCU , Dayton , St. Louis ] which would make sixteen teams . PERFECT !!!!