Friday, December 28, 2012

Avery Johnson's son goes on Twitter rant about dad's firing

Avery Johnson took the high road when he addressed the media Thursday after being fired by the Brooklyn Nets.  The ex-head coach claims he never saw the firing coming and said, "This is the ownership's decision.  This is what we signed up for."

Johnson's teenage son didn't take the news as well and went thumbs-out on his Twitter account to vent his anger after the news broke that his dad had been relieved of his coaching duties by owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

The younger Johnson went on to defend his dad's reputation by tweeting:

"This is a f------Outrage.  My dad is a great coach, he just got coach of the month and they Fire him. #Smh. Completely new team he had."

Junior wasn't the only one surprised at the firing.  LeBron James echoed the son's sentiments with this tweet.

"The expectations were way too high for this team.  We didn't even have a losing record... Didn't even give my dad a full season.  #OUTRAGE," Johnson Jr. continued.

His father was fired a day after the Nets fell to .500 (14-14) after an 11-4 start to begin the season.

Johnson's release comes on the heels of the Nets All-Pro Deron Williams saying he was never comfortable playing in Johnson's style of offense and insinuating that his shooting slump was because of the system.

The fact that Williams' whining and his father's canning came so close together wasn't lost on the teenage Johnson or NBA analyst Reggie Miller who tweeted:

"So will coaching change for Nets improve Deron Williams shooting percentage??"

It sounds like the ball is in Williams' court now.

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