Monday, December 3, 2012

Brady Quinn says the right things about relationships in post game meeting

It's hard to know exactly how the Kansas City Chiefs players should have felt after the bizarre murder-suicide by teammate Jovan Belcher.  But it might be even harder to put it into words.

Somehow, after the team's emotional 27-21 victory over the Panthers on Sunday, Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn took a few moments to meet the press and put the whole surreal incident into perspective.

His simple message during this difficult situation — be more attentive to the people who are sitting in the room with you more than interacting with the ones that aren't.

"When you ask someone how they are doing, do you really mean it?" he asked.  "When you answer someone back how are you doing, are you really telling the truth?

"We live in a society of social networks ... and that's fine, but we have contact with our work associates, our family, our friends, and it seems like half the time we are preoccupied with our phone and other things going on instead of the actual relationships that we have right in front of us."

Words to live for in a time of expanding Twitter and Facebook connections.

Could a sensitive hand have prevented the Belcher tragedy?  Who knows.

But Quinn's profound words remind us that real relationships are more important than how many "followers" you have.

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