Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taxpayers footing $750,000 soccer field at Gitmo

While the U.S. deficit increases to record numbers and the country is making cuts to its national defense budget, the Pentagon has said it is restoring soccer at Guantanamo Bay by completing a 28,000-square foot "super-rec" space that includes a field surrounded by a gravel running track with shaded areas in the corners at the taxpayer's cost of $750,000.

After Camp 4—an open-aired, communal-detention center— at Gitmo was closed and the inmates were moved to an indoor facility called Camp 6, the detainees lost a small patch of turf where the accused terrorists played soccer— or football as they call it.

There will be half-sized indoor and outdoor facilities available for recreation.

Now the detainees can once again play the glorious game for up to a maximum of 20 hours a day.

The prisoners will be able to reach the field through covered walkways— that the military is calling "habitat trails"— without the aid of an escort.

The project— which was signed off on in April 2011—  is expected to be completed by this spring.

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