Saturday, February 25, 2012

Car attempts dunk over Blake Griffin in Kia commercial

It seems like Blake Griffin has famously dunked over almost everyone in the NBA from Kendrick Perkins to to whole New Jersey Nets team.  He even did a commercial for Kia where he dunked over one of their automobiles.

Now the car manufacturer has teamed up with Funny or Die and produced an ad where a Kia Optima is supposed to dunk over the Los Angeles Clippers forward.


Actor Jeff Goldblum appears in the spoof-like ad as a "Dunkologist"— the scientist who designs the stunt to test his theory.  He is really a "theoretical physicist" but changes his title because "it doesn't quite  have the ring to it."

The plan is for the car to race up a ramp at full speed, pass "over Blake" then release a ball into the net.   As you can guess, things go awry.

The ubiquitous Griffin is a spokesman for so many products including Subway and Nike.  His Kia ads are already funny for their subtlety odd sense of humor.

Griffin is slowly becoming the new Peyton Manning of Madison Avenue.  Could Saturday Night Live be next?


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